Can brushing with an electric toothbrush remove dental calculus?

In theory, using an electric toothbrush is not able to brush off dental calculus.

The formation of dental calculus is due to the inorganic salt in the saliva, and the relatively hard foreign body formed by the calcified or calcified plaque and soft scale deposited on the teeth. Dental calculus means that there is a problem with your oral environment. In this case, you need an electric toothbrush to improve your oral environment and health.

Electric toothbrushes will only make brushing cleaner and more thorough. Dental calculus is related to tooth brushing habits, but not all. Brushing teeth can not be removed manually and electrically, only to go to the dentist's office or dental hospital to remove the supragingival calculi routine ultrasonic cleaning, and the subgingival calculi routine manual subgingival scraping.

Electric toothbrushes can play a role in deep cleaning of teeth, mainly by using a high-speed vibration movement to drive the brush head to rotate or vibrate to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth. When the human body is brushing teeth, an electric toothbrush is placed on the teeth, which will effectively remove food residues on the surface of the teeth through vibration and rotation. However, dental calculus is a calcified substance, and it will become stronger after a long time accumulation. These stubborn and hard dental calculus cannot be removed with an electric toothbrush.

Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes can remove plaque more thoroughly, reduce gingivitis, and have better cleaning effects. But it is not enough. It is recommended to use dental floss to remove soft dirt and plaque. If there is a large gap, you can use an interdental brush to clean the oral hygiene. Of course, regular cleaning is also very important.

Disassembling the electric toothbrush, you will find that the structure is similar, the biggest difference is the motor and brush head. The current feeling is that as long as the vibration is up to the standard, the brush head is soft and the quality is stable, the electric toothbrushes are almost the same. There is no need to buy the electric toothbrushes with thousands of dollars.

Letting it go will only destroy the teeth step by step. When I get older, not only does my teeth look bad, I can't chew things well, but some of them can cause coronary heart disease and other attacks, which is scary to think about.

Therefore, if you want to remove dental calculus, it is recommended to go to the hospital to wash your teeth, you must go through professional ultrasonic vibration to clean your teeth and protect your gums. The frequency is about once a year. An electric toothbrush can only clean the mouth better, but it cannot remove dental calculus. In addition, manual toothbrushes and rotating electric toothbrushes are more likely to cause tooth wear than sonic electric toothbrushes. In daily oral cleaning, it is recommended to choose a sonic electric toothbrush.

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