Dentist: It is recommended that children aged 6-8 use an electric toothbrush to brush their teeth

In our lives, brushing teeth is an essential thing every day. Brushing your teeth every day is not only to ensure the whitening of the teeth, but also to ensure the hygiene and health of the oral cavity. Moreover, not only adults need to brush their teeth, but children also need to brush their teeth. Generally speaking, if a child is old enough to have teeth and can chew food with his teeth, he needs to start brushing his teeth. However, children's tooth brushing methods and tools are different from those of adults. As parents, we must pay attention to protecting their teeth. Otherwise, as they grow up, their teeth will grow and become uglier, which will affect their appearance! For children's tooth brushing, it is not necessary to be as strict as adults, but it must be clean and clean. In terms of brushing tools, we must also help children make the right choice! Old dentist: It is recommended that children aged 6-8 use an electric toothbrush to brush their teeth. Ordinary toothbrushes are easy to damage the gums!

The old dentist said that children aged 6-8 are not suitable for brushing with ordinary toothbrushes because they are too young at this time to master the correct way of brushing their teeth. Maybe after brushing their teeth every day, the cleaning effect will not be particularly good, so they need other tools to help them brush their teeth! And children at this age are basically sensible, but they are more naughty, so when brushing their teeth, the irritation of toothpaste can easily affect them, causing them to hate brushing. Originally, brushing with ordinary toothbrushes is very boring, and they do not understand the necessity of brushing their teeth, so they can only use electric toothbrushes to attract them to brush their teeth.


This aspect mentioned above is from the subjectivity of children brushing teeth. There is also an objective reason why children use electric toothbrushes, that is, ordinary toothbrushes can damage the gums. Because of their young age, children cannot properly grasp the strength of the toothbrush when brushing their teeth. I believe all parents have also discovered that when we let children use ordinary toothbrushes to brush their teeth, they often brush and brush their gums. In fact, this is not caused by the fire, but simply because the child is brushing their teeth. When I used too much force, the bristles hurt my gums. Children’s gums are inherently fragile. If they are often scratched by brushing, it will easily affect the healthy growth of their teeth. The use of electric toothbrushes can avoid this problem. The vibration amplitude of current electric toothbrushes is generally very small, and if the toothbrush touches the gums, the electric toothbrush will sense itself and stop the vibration immediately to protect the child The purpose of the gums.

But it’s worth noting that we don’t mean that we choose electric toothbrushes for our children. There must be some particular attention to the type of electric toothbrush and the brush head. First of all, in terms of type, it is best to choose a cartoon-like appearance, so that children will like it more. Secondly, in the choice of brush heads, we should try our best to choose smaller brush heads for children, and the bristles should also be soft, which can better protect the children's gums and mouth! In addition, the brush head should be replaced in time. Generally speaking, every 3 months or so, we have to replace a brush head for the child. It is easy to breed bacteria on it over time, which is also a kind of adverse effect on the health of the child.

Finally, the old dentist also reminded parents that parents should stay with them and guide them when their children are brushing their teeth. Tell them how to brush their teeth, what is the posture of each area, how long they need to brush, etc. Because the brushing posture determines whether the teeth can be brushed clean. At the same time, tell them that brushing your teeth is a very serious thing, don't half-hearted, otherwise it is easy to inadvertently damage your mouth!

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