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Shenzhen Yajiebao Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen in 2007, is a professional manufacturer of oral hygiene care and nasal care products. We established R&D center in the United States and Elegant Teeth Global (H.K.) in Hong Kong. The leader of the R&D center is Dr. Parish Sedghizadeh, Director of the University of Southern California Biofilm Center. His Biofilm Center's research achievements in 2009: "USC STUDY FINDS DENTAL WATER JET REMOVES 99.9 PERCENT OF DENTAL PLAQUE BIOFILM", was cited by a famous brand.

Dental Whiten Deep Cleanser is a product of our R&D center granted the US patent in 2019. "Dental Whiten Deep Cleanser" can not only remove supragingival plaque, but also the first time to remove the subgingival plaque by user. Deep teeth cleaning can be the anti-periodontitis and the savior of diabetes; blasting of early caries (white spots) reverses the development of caries; and hydraulic polishing is the best choice for whitening and elegant teeth.

Our goal is to improve the oral health of 6 billion people. This is a great and sustainable business, welcome to join us.

development path
Established in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Yajiebao City Yajiebao Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Yajiebao established a manufacturing workshop
Yajiebao established a personal care department and built a foreign trade team
Company registration Alibaba international sales platform
The company registered Alibaba 1688 domestic sales platform
Products are selling well at home and abroad
Established Yachi International Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong company), established Hong Kong and American R&D centers
Obtained multiple invention patents
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