Is it necessary to change the brush head of an electric toothbrush every three months?

For toothbrushes, there is a very important hygiene problem. The dentist recommends replacing the brush head every 3 months, but 75% of people cannot do it! Even if we see the blue part of the bristles gradually fade to white, or the calendar reminds us to replace the brush head, or even the warning light for the brush head on the electric toothbrush starts to flash, we will forget! Why is it so important to change the brush head?


What is the impact on our health? The following are the three main reasons.

Worn bristles can damage the gums

When the bristles are made, the nylon bristles are cut to the same height, leaving sharp jagged edges, and then the ends of each bristles are rounded into a soft and delicate dome to ensure that the enamel will not be scraped or the gums will be damaged. organization. When you brush your teeth, the bristles will gradually return to the original jagged shape due to friction, which is likely to cause receding gums and wear enamel. This is why it is recommended to replace the brush head every three months, or when you see signs of wear on the bristles.

There are many bacteria on the bristles

The American Dental Association recommends replacing the brush head every 3 months to prevent bacteria from accumulating in the bristles and affecting oral health and overall health. This may seem obvious, but it should not be ignored, especially the bathroom is a hotbed of bacteria, especially toothbrushes should not be too close to the toilet, because the momentary cyclone generated when flushing will bring dirty air to other spaces in the bathroom, so toothbrush It is best not to get too close to the toilet!

Worn bristles cannot clean teeth

This is the most important reason for regular replacement of the brush head. Worn bristles cannot completely clean the teeth, because the bristles that have been opened cannot fit the curvature of the teeth, and the fine tips of the bristles cannot reach the gap between the teeth and the gums. Clean, cause tooth decay and other harmful side effects!

According to the above three reasons, it is necessary to replace the brush head regularly every three months!

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