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Water flosser replacement tips (Set of 9 PCS Jet Tips)

Compatible with most WaterPik water flossers and other brand oral irrigators including: The Ultra Water Flosser, Kids Water Flosser, The Traveler, Cordless Freedom, Cordless Professional, Cordless Plus, Showerpik, Aquarius Professional, Complete Care, and all Designer Series Water Flossers.

Work with models: WP-100 WP-100W, WP-660, WP-662, WP-112, WP-462, WP-670, WP-672, WP-676, WP-250, WP-260, WP-300, WP-360, WP-440, WP-450, WP-560, WP-563, WP-900, WP-940, WP-950, WP-952, WF-02, WF-03, DS-600W, VA-EB006

Replace tips every 3 months for hygienic recommendation and efficiency.



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